Crave it. Love it. Give it...

Hi there friends and family :)  

Welcome to our little place on the internet where you can follow a new beginning for our family.  Many of you have heard that Blake and I are starting a business of our has been a dream of our's since we graduated from college.  
After 15 years of experience working at Landmark Nurseries (our not so small family business), we are ready to take the plunge going out on our own!  

Blake's love of cooking and my love for creating beautiful gifts has led us to opening a gourmet popcorn and gift shop.  After looking at several franchise opportunities, we decided we could start our own concept.  We want to build something from the ground up, much like my dad did...allowing us the freedom to control and create a business for our family.  Our hope is this little business can be passed onto our kids, nieces and nephews.  We really feel like this is a great opportunity!  So here it is...

Our little shop will carry custom gift baskets, popcorn tins, bulk and packaged candies, and vintage sodas in bottles. As we finish the negotiation phase of signing a lease at Lakeside Market in Plano, plans are being drawn for the shop.  We can hardly wait for the construction to begin.  Soon we hope!  The biggest anchor in the shopping center is Weir's Furniture....oh goodness, that may get me into a heap of trouble :)  But there are some really great eateries, salon/wellness centers and of course retail shopping as well.  Opening date is planned for October stay tuned.  Excited is an understatement...nervous is an even bigger understatement.  But we are sure that the Man upstairs has some big plans for us.  So thank you for joining us in our exciting new journey. 

We hope you will crave it...give it!

Ps.  Our website designer is working on the blog design.  It will get better :)