I'm feeling happy :) is this where I am supposed to hashtag? #happy?? Learning how to navigate social media is not second nature for me. I'm definitely a nerd...just not the techy kind :) Anyway...we are happy. Let me tell ya why...


-cherry sours and jelly bellys and chocolate seat salted caramels = happy

-making gift baskets for families battling yucky diseases that puts smiles on their faces = happy

-seeing sweet supportive friends and family from past and present = happy

-hearing how much you love the shop and the product = happy

My favorite happy moment of the week? When Blake said he loses sleep over a customer not liking his popcorn...but then right after a customer comes BACK and says, "I gotta have more of that caramel corn" .....BIG HAPPY SMILE :)

Have a HAPPY weekend :)