Happy Fall!

Don't you just love fall?  The first day of school has always been for me the first day of fall.  Sharpening my kids pencils, packing their backpacks and making their lunch the night before the first day of school...one of my most favorite days of the year.  They are excited to see their friends, and to meet their teachers.  For one day...they LOVE school.  Then there is the second day...let's not think about that yet! 

Freshly sharpened pencils makes me think of that classic movie "You've Got Mail".  She, Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) loves New York in the fall.  She emailed Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) that she would send him a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if she knew his name and address. 

The whole theme of this movie has really stuck a chord with me.  Her little book store "The Shop Around the Corner" is forced to close due to his big department discount store "Fox Books" moving in just down the block.  Our little popcorn shop is doing so well despite big fancy grocers who carry all kinds of gourmet food.  We are so blessed by faithful customers who love our product.  We never dreamed we would sell as much as we have in this first 6 months of business.  We thank you for shopping small local businesses like us.  It's how America was built after all.  I encourage you to keep shopping small and local this fall.  It makes a difference...to us it does anyway.  Happy Fall...we hope all your kiddos have a great first day of school :)