How Did You Come Up with The Name CRAVE??


We've had several customers (maybe I should say addicts) ask us who came up with the name Crave.  I've been telling them I can't really remember.  It just sort of came up and stuck.  I can hear Blake snickering as I type this as he actually came up with it... and I shot it down quickly. Ha.  Not sure during which of the millions of conversations and brainstorms it was that I finally decided it would be a great name for our business.  But it is proving to be the right decision as you all come in craving your favorite flavors. (there ya go, get all the credit...are we good for 10 years or so?)  

 I love that we are getting to know you all and recognize you as you come in.  The old general store type feel of the shop with the familiar faces coming in each week brings us great joy.  Makes me want to sing the Cheers theme wanna go where everybody knows your la la!

Have a safe and Happy Spring Break.  Come grab some road trip snacks before you head out of town :)

Ps...did you know we do custom gift baskets?