Our Hearts Are Warm!

Meg told me once when she was little (8 years old isn't so little anymore) that I made her heart warm.  Tonight, my heart is warm.  We truly have the greatest friends.  Neighbors is no longer acceptable terminology…our FRIENDS have showed up when we needed them...without asking.  BIG TIME.

Thank you to one of my dearest friends, Caryn.  Your countless hours writing a whole heck of a lot of our content on the website…and for painting, cleaning, watching, picking up and feeding our kids has been more than helpful!  And more than anything, thank you for just being there for my many melt downs!  

Thank you Chris for your long hours spent at Crave today!  We never thought cable cords, phone lines, and ethernet cables could be so pretty :)  And thank you Danette for keeping Meg after school when we can't get there in time.  Your home is a second home for her and we can't thank you enough.  

Mal and Stef…love you girls to pieces.  Thank you for the help last week late into the night…spending time away from your family…thank you for sending us loads of ecouragemtnet every day.  

This was a mess of wires... so much nicer now... :)

yes…it's a bike hanging in the window…attention getter? i hope?maybe american pickers dudes will come by and offer to buy it for a chunk of change!

candy jar table…custom built by mr. coy and myself :)

 blake has been seasonin' the equipment… first batch was pretty good!

We are so excited to get open this week.  While weather has set us back several times this winter (and we anticipate more based on the forecasts), we ask, with humble and very warm hearts, for your prayers this week.  We don't need anymore setbacks...it is time for Crave's doors to open!  God bless you all.