Summer Begins with Memorial Day...

We just love this time of year...don't you?  School is almost out...warm summer days ahead…baseball filled weekends…trips to the snow cone stand are always a must.  Which gave us an idea :)  Have you ever had a New Orleans style sno-ball?  It is shaved ice (not crushed like a snow-cone) drenched with flavored syrup (shaved ice soaks up much more syrup than crushed ice) and then it is heavily drizzled with sweetened condensed milk on top!  Starting in June, you can get a New Orleans style sno-ball right here in Texas at Crave Popcorn Co. :)  


A funny side note to the brainstorm of the sno-ball addition to our menu this summer...I was recognized this weekend on the other side of town.  Meg and I were getting a few groceries between  baseball games, and in the cereal aisle at Kroger, a sweet woman stops and says..." are the POPCORN LADY!"  I smiled and giggled and said..."yes, that's me."  I felt like a celebrity...kinda...well that might be a stretch, but was pretty cool :)


Be sure to visit us this week.  We cherish our freedom... and will be forever grateful to our veterans and troops for their service.  If you or your family have served or currently serve, we are offering 15% off any purchase this week.