Do you love watching the academy awards?  Even if you haven't seen any of the movies?  We used to go to the movies every weekend...but that was before we had babies.  And then our babies grew up to fill our weekends with baseball and dance.  So now we use the oscar winners as a guide on what to rent at Redbox or even more pitifully...wait a couple years to view on Netflix.  

We like to cook lots of 'not so good for us' goodness....cuz we're tired of our new years resolutions by now.  So Blake usually whips up some appetizer finger foods so we can munch and watch.  And I really love apps...a lot.  I don't need a meal.  Just apps and I'm good!

Brainstorming this week on Sunday's menu got me thinking about a popcorn and beer pairing. Here is what I found...  I hope you enjoy and have a yummy oscar party and maybe you have actually seen some of the movies nominated :)



cheddar + brown ale
Cheddar popcorn’s addiction factor sails when salty, cheesy tang melts right into a brown ale’s soft dark malt and chocolate; you’ll be caught orange-handed.

butter + ESB
If only you could sneak beer into a movie theater: An ESB’s nutty, sweet toffee and biscuit flavors easily adopt salty, butter-soaked popcorn.

salted + Berliner weisse
Longing for summer? A Berliner weisse’s refreshing lemony tartness and the popcorn’s salt are like a sunny day by the sea.

caramel + bock
Candylike caramel corn finds a kindred caramel note in a malty bock; the beer’s smooth toasted bread and nuttiness take it from Crackerjack to sophisticated snack.

kettle corn + coffee stout
If you’re a two-sugars-please coffee drinker, then kettle sweetness will feel right at home beside a stout with espresso and dark roasted notes.

red pepper + oatmeal stout
A creamy, chocolaty stout has dark grainy notes and a dash of bitterness in the finish; add south-of-the-border chile spice and you’ve got a pair as rich as mole.   courtesy of www.draftmag.com

check out our pinterest board for some other fun ideas on hosting an oscar party :)