Folks, we got FUDGE!

First and foremost:  THANK YOU!  We have been covered in love and support and lots of prayers. Each day without our daddy, husband and friend, we ride grief's waves of ups and downs.  But mostly we feel you've got our backs.  So don't you worry, we are still poppin' and even trying out some new stuff!  

Now, if you are one of our neighbors, you know that Blake used to make the most glorious fudge around the holidays.  Customers have asked numerous times if we carried fudge.  While we talked about making it and selling at Crave, it never came to fruition. Until NOW!  So yep, that's right Folks, we got FUDGE :)  

 and look at that cute 

and look at that cute 

Our first go at it was just a week ago and it has been received pretty well.  I'm kind of a purest when it comes to popcorn and fudge.  I'm good with just plain and buttery and a little salt.  Blake, however, loved to play with ingredients.  It has been fun to channel our inner Blake - the flavor guy!  He just knew what tastes good together and the science behind it.  And he sure would have nixed the idea of topping fudge with our classic caramel popcorn in this Texas humidity during July.  So yeah, I'm still learning that science part!  

What I do know, like popcorn, is that fudge is a perfect blank slate.  You can use crazy amounts creativity.  We started pretty simple this first round:  Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, M&M, Girl Scout Thin Mint, Chocolate Turtle and Salted Caramel.  Most worked and were pretty darn delicious.  A couple didn't, but we learned a little about this candy making and we'll get it down.  I can't wait to try some of the recipes I've been researching.  Check out our Fudge Pinterest board here.

So what's your favorite fudge flavor?  Leave a comment here and we'll try to make it!  And pop by anytime for a visit.  We'd love to see ya :)