she's twelve, he's sixteen...

Both of my kiddos have birthdays just two weeks apart.  And I love making them feel special on their day. 


First up is Meg.  My sweet little girl isn't so little anymore...she is twelve and that meant a BIG GIRL party!  I had this great idea to do a scavenger hunt around town.  I mean how fun to tote 12 giggling twelve year olds around town all together!  I made a reservation for a 15 passenger van to drive them around in, but this mama messed up.  The van rental place closes at 1pm on Saturdays.  I showed up at 1:45.  The face of disappointment on my baby girl was not one I want to remember.  Soooo plan good friends helped me find a limo last minute.  Day saved!  It was definitely a birthday to remember! 


This hummer limo thing was huge!  I'm not sure how our driver even made the turns out of our neighborhood!  First stop, chic-fil-a.  Bought chips, sodas and water at the grocery store.  Took some paper plates and napkins with us and ate dinner in the limo.  Dinner check!  


Second stop... Crave Popcorn Co. of course!!  This was my favorite.  Opening up the store after we were already closed kinda made for a "cool mom" moment.  I gave each girl a $5 limit.  Just enough for one popcorn and one candy item.  They were all so respectful, checking with me to make sure they weren't going over.  These precious friends of Meg's are such sweet girls.  I couldn't ask for better friends for her.   


Did you know when you come into Crave, if you take a pic in front of our car door and share it on Facebook or Instagram, you get a free bag of popcorn?  Just make sure to check in and tag us with our hashtag #cravepopcorn  :)


Next stop... historic downtown Plano for the scavenger hunt.  Each girl drew an embarrassing task to do.  Here are some of the silly things we came up with:

-shake hands with a boy

-ask someone to take a selfie with you

-ask for a piece of food off of a stranger's plate

-tell someone it's your birthday and ask them to sing happy birthday to you

-dance & sing on a stage

-ask for directions to the place you are standing


While the sweet girls at Amazeballs were singing happy birthday, we spotted a copy of Plano Magazine.  Guess who was featured in the January issue?  Yep, Crave!  So fun seeing Crave and other small businesses highlighted in our community.  By the way, the dozen cake-balls we bought were consumed too quickly to even grab a pic.  Little bites of heaven gone in about 5 seconds!


Shopping small and supporting small business like this one is so important to me.  I loved sharing this place with the girls.   You should try it too!  If fact, there are several great shops and restaurants here.  You can follow downtown Plano on facebook to find out what events are coming up.  This poor guy at Dude Sweet Chocolate!  He was sweet to play along with our shenanigans :)


For all the folks we bothered during our little game, we gave them some popcorn as a gift.  These little party favors range from $1 to $3 each.  It was fun to give them a little token of our appreciation for participating!


And that's a wrap.  Miss Twelve is what I'm calling her these days. 

Now for Mr. Sixteen...


Blake had been searching for a truck for him, but it ultimately fell on me.  This was quite a task and buying cars is not something I all!  But thanks to some very helpful friends, we came up with something he was thrilled with!  That smile melted my heart.


Meg's gift to Cole was a bunch "in case of emergency" things for his new jumper cables :)


We have been blessed by so many friends and family this past year.  Cole's birthday dinner was given to him by principal Ralph and the management at Pappadeaux a while back.  Ralph had attended the funeral and shared our story about suddenly losing Blake and how this was one of our favorite restaurants to visit as a family.  It was such a generous and thoughtful gift from Ralph and Pappadeaux that we enjoyed so very much.  

I'm so happy and lucky to have these two in my life.  I'm one proud mama for sure!